Shaanxi Changling Textile Mechanical & Electronic Technological Co., Ltd. is a national high and new technology enterprise, which involves in R&D, production and sales as well. Changling originated from large war industry enterprise state-operated Changling Machinery Factory of the built national 156 key projects during the First Five-Year Plan period. Changling involved in textile electronic area in early 80s of the last century, and became the largest textile electronic instrument and electronic control equipment supplier in China after 30 years of development. Changling forms 8 kinds 40 varieties product pattern, equips domestic 3000 textile enterprises, exports to Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, over 20 countries and regions.
The company immigrated into the new Changling Textile Electro-mechanics Industrial Park in 2010, and built national textile electronic instrument equipment production base, which make textile electronic products achieve 6000 set/unit, new built modernized air-jet loom production line forms production capacity with an annual output of 3000 sets high-speed efficiency air-jet loom, which becomes strong international market competitive textile electronic products, Changling becomes new type air-jet loom production enterprise.
Changling persists in the business principle of "high technology, high quality, quality service", passes quality system certification ISO9001:2008 and environment system certification ISO14001:2004, owns tens patents. Changling is identified as Enterprise Technology Center of Shaanxi Province and National Textile Technology Innovation Model Enterprise and is built as the only "Textile Testing & Control Engineering Technology Research Center of Shaanxi Province" in China.
Facing the future, with "lead domestic level, strive for international brand" as development goal, Changling will develop new products constantly, provide users with high quality and service, make effort for strong of Chinese textile industry.
1. It tests CV%, U%, H, SH, and defects value of twelve levels in real time.
2. It has various graphic indices, such as variation-length curve, unevenness curve, spectrogram, linear density-frequency distribution, etc of yarn and hairiness, fine continuous spectrum and 340 channels, which are convenient to evaluate yam quality and analyze textile technical fault position accurately.
3. Expert system can help user analyze textile technical fault and evaluate yarn quality level.
1. Liquid crystal display, no need of air source, easy operation, convenient maintenance.
2. It has functions of automatic eliminating abnormal data, correcting moisture regain, diagnosing fault.
3. Testing data is stable and reliable, which can be compared with UST TENSORAPID3.
1. It adopts computer as control terminal and man-machine interface, data processing ability is high.
2. It adopts pneumatic holding device, soft reliable holding is not easy to damage yarn.
3. It has functions of automatic eliminating abnormal data, correcting moisture regain, diagnosing fault.
4. Testing data is stable and reliable, which can be compared with UST TENSORAPID3.
5. Testing efficiency is high, and 100 times tests of ordinary cotton yarn only need 8min to 11min.
textile testing equipment of filament yarn evenness tester
1. It combines capacitive and photoelectric detection methods, measures linear density unevenness (quality variation) and appearance unevenness (diameter variation) at the same time, which makes yarn quality evaluate more totally.
2. Automatic measuring, guiding yarn, change slot, roller back and forth, etc.
3. Measure CVm%, Um%, H, SH, D, CVd%, defect value of each level, trash, dust size and count (CT4000).
4. Yarn traction system adopts high-speed double active structures, and the top speed is up to 800m/min.
5. It supplies uneven curve, spectrogram, variation-length curve, linear density frequency distribution, deviation ratio-threshold figure of yarn and hairiness.
6. Spectrogram adopts 170 channels, which makes user judge trouble position more accurately.
7. It equips with 3D fabric emulation system, which can draw yarn outline, electric blackboard, woven fabric, knitted fabric drawings, fabric structure can be set freely.
8. It equips with expert analysis system, which diagnoses and analyses each procedure automatically.
9. It has stubby yarn test function and supplies length, distance and multiple of stubby yarn.
10. It has trash detect function and supplies average trash and trash size, trash and dust content per kilometer and gram, trash and dust distribution.
11. It has DR index, which is convenient to analyze abnormal long short place and long thin place.
short fiber tester
1.It measures nep numbers and short fiber content of raw cotton or cotton sliver rapidly automatically, shows count value, distribution of nep (faults) and length distribution (weight and number) of cotton fiber, good data repeatability.
2.A large quantity of nep testing sampling (5g or 10g), testing result is more typical. End aligned length measurement achieves real effective measurement to short fiber.
3.Creatively devised carding mechanism, cotton ribbon is made so even thickness that improves consistency and accuracy of short fiber content.
4.It has functions of span length and free choosing short fiber standard.
YG156N fancy automatic yarn twist tester machine
1.It is an instrument which is used to test yarn twist. It can test number of turns, twist, mean number of turns, mean twist, max value of twist, min value of twist, CV value of twist, unevenness of twist, and twist coefficient, which meet national standard requirements.
2.Twist direction can be set as "S" and "Z" according to needs, test as "direct counting method", "untwist & re-twist method A", '"untwist & re-twist method B", "three times untwist & re-twist".
3.Full auto measurement, one batch can measure 10 tubes yarn automatically.

1.Sampling volume reaches 5g or 10g, raw cotton, cotton silver, cotton fiber can be tested.
2.Test data is objective, stable, typical.
3.Test speed is high.
4.It has nep analysis function which is convenient for users to forecast later resultant yarn quality.
5.English enterprise is easy to operate.
6.Unique fiber carding mechanism makes carding effect better.

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