Qingdao Jinlihua Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Fast develop since 2009.
We produced shuttle loom, rapier loom, carding machine before 2003.
Since 2003, we start to produce shuttleless loom-water jet loom.
Model: JLH851 and JLH408
We exported water jet loom to India, Pakistan, Tailand, Korea, Ethiopian, South Africa, Indonesia, Egypt since 2009. In big quantity to India maret.
Because of market changed, we start to research and develop medical gauze machine.
As we know, most of gauze is making by shuttle loom or air jet loom made in Japan or Europe.
Our Chinese customer visit our factory, and advise general manager to make low cost gauze weaving machine for them. Within 1 year, repeat test and update, our gauze air jet loom get huge market in China.
We made model JLH740 gauze loom in 2010, and sell in domestic and abroad. Get good reputation. Our JLH740 gauze loom is very popular in Sri Lank.
Based on market changed, we produce JLH425S gauze loom, which is sell in big quantity in China. Aslo export to Uzbekistan, Russia since 2013. It is the advantest loom to make gauze in low investment.
Our product get 98% market in Wubei province, which is the gauze base industrial. World famous company "Winner", "Allmed" is our customer.
Market is not good in 2014 and 2015, but our company not stop our develop and innovate. We use 2 years to make new model air jet loom JLH9200, air jet terry towel loom JLH9200M, high speed water jet loom JLH8200, economical type air jet loom JLH425M. And update gauze loom JLH425S and JLH740.
Meanwhile, we have the ability to help customer to build a new and complete medical gauze production line. We have the knowledge, technique, and sales service over sea.
We believe that good product will get good market.We will have a good future from 2016.
Our service  
•Technical Service Our techinician is available to give you technical helping or offer training of how to use our machines. As well, you can also send your technician to our company to learn how to operate machines.
•Quality Guarantee We provide two years warranty. We sign the agreement with detailed technical data.
•Long term cooperation If we keep a long term cooperation, there will be more discout.
•Problem solving We will provide solution in one day.
We will solve complains in two days.
Q: How about your machine quality?
We are worry about the quality.
R: We did research in technology, our design including structure and detailed security and precision has enhanced greatly, and can match all the CE standard or more strict standard. our machines distribute worldwide to about 30 countries. And where are our machines, there are good reputation and terminal user satisfaction.
We always provide high quality machine, oversea market is more imoprtant and difficult than domestic market as the communication time costing after sales, so as always, our machine has strict quality standard to make sure the machine can work more than the real warranty period. In this way, we will save a lot of energy and think in advance for the clients.
Q: Whether the machine price
can be more discount?
We are sure to provide quality=price and price=quality products. The matched price and acceptable for the clients and durable for our machines we welcome your negotiate with us and get a good satisfaction.
Q:Are you factory or trade company? A:We are factory with trade department
Q:What kind of product do you make? A:Water jet loom,air jet loom,medical gauze loom
Q:Do you have engineer work available in abroad? A:Yes,we have more than 20 engineers for sales service in domestic and abroad.
Q:How can we go to your factory? A:Arrive at Qingdao air port,take one hour to our factory by car.We will pick you up from air port.
Телефон: +99871 2346089, +99871 2342974. E-mail: info@mechanic.uz